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You guys should consider yourself lucky, or just smart. My oldest kitty is only 1.5 years old and has never needed antibiotics so I had no idea what kind of a price range was normal. it was SIXTY dollars for the Convenia injection my kitty just got for her very bad UTI. Along with the steroids and office visit grand total was $130. Now I feel gipped after coming on here and hearing others paid half of that. I need kitty insurance.

My cat is pretty hostile and I couldn't imagine getting any pill or liquid in her so I guess it is worth it for that, as long as it works. She just started urinating blood last night so I took her in first thing this morning. The vet didn't recommend a urine culture as I thought he would. He said it was clear from the symptoms it's either a UTI or Lower Urinary Tract disease and with both antibiotics and steroids both would be covered. I sure hope he's right. He said with as small as her bladder is we wouldn't be able to get a culture sample. After doing some research and reading this thread I will be keeping a close eye on her for any adverse effects she may have.
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