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Originally Posted by marko View Post
Pleasure. German Shepherds/mixes are usually very smart and learn fast.
I personally like group obedience training because the other dogs make the environment more challenging and if the dog will listen there, he will likely listen in less challenging circumstances. But if you get a fab trainer 1:1 and that's better for you, it should work.

The only caveat, is that in most places, the title of "dog trainer" has the potential to be 100% meaningless....because it is an unregulated profession. This means that there are puhlenty of losers out there calling themselves "dog trainer" and possibly adding other fancy and meaningless words in front of that title. Because of this, i hate to say it many dog trainers are NOT professional and their experiences and training styles may be very unsatisfactory to you. This is why the referral from someone you trust is ESSENTIAL.
Hi, I agree 1000% with this comment! Hopefully you've been able to find an authentic trainer who specialises in aggression. It does sound to me like Chase is the alpha and leader in the pack (which includes you). There are so many things that loving pet owners unnowingly do to encourage and praise aggressive behavior. An example would be giving affection to chase when he bullies his brother out of the way to greet you when you arrive home from work. In that example, I would encourage you to walk into the house and ignore the dogs until they stop trying to greet you and go about their business. That is when you can pet and praise ....this is one exercise that will help you establish leadership.

Anyway, my best suggestion, for what it is worth, is a good trainer of aggressive dog behavior.

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