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Originally Posted by CindyM272 View Post
Clearly, we have different views on vet's and med's and both feel passionately about it. I am not prepared to have an argument over it.
No need to get defensive, as our views are not actually not that far apart. I'm all about natural and holistic and doing what you can at home without running the vet for every little thing. Which is why I don't think you should be dosing these cats with Ivermectin without first knowing if they even need it. Cause maybe they don't, and why put unnecessary chemicals in their little bodies?

I'm much more inclined to think this is a diet issue anyway. So what's the new food they're eating? First ingredient is "meat", but what are the second, third, fourth and fifth ingredients? What kind of "meat" is it? Canned or dry?

Originally Posted by CindyM272 View Post
but I'm thinking this time it's as simple as the diet change.
Probiotics can help with that. Not yogurt though, which doesn't contain enough organisms for therapeutic purposes, and also cow dairy can give some cats digestive problems, thus defeating the purpose (goat yogurt would be a better choice if that's all that's available).

Originally Posted by CindyM272 View Post
I also did a bit more research regarding food and found a couple of recipe's for future use
Great! Nothing better than fresh (and balanced) food for our feline friends. I wouldn't mind checking out those recipes though because not all the ones found on the net are appropriate for cats.
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