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Welcome to the site! A couple of things come to mind here!

Forst off you have 2 boxes for 3 inside cats and 4 outside? I think you need to increase the number of litter boxes.

Secondly if you have outdoor cats and indoor cats they could have picked something up from one of the outdoor cats. Even though you have kept them outside it doesnt mean they were contagious when they may have come in.

Also what about deworming? was that done? its pretty normal for kittens to have worms and parasites??

I realise that money is a factor but you really should have it looked at because if it is something contagious they will all eventually get it and that will cost you more.

Another thing that comes to mind especially since you mentioned the dad was a feral cat? Have you had them checked for FIV?

Lots of things it could be and honestly a vet visit is what you need to do. They can test the stools and tell you whats up?

Good Luck
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