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I agree Mona

Any shelter that adopts out animals should have a mandatory spay/neuter program or they are just contributing to the overwhelming problem.

Not only do poor stray animals have to fend for themselves after WE as people domesticated them, BUT because of their living arrangements being strays they tend to pick up a great number of viruses and parasites.

This inturn gets OUR pets that do have homes ill from sniffing at and or unfortunately eating another animals feces.

I couldn't count the number of times my dog Rusty became ill because strays or even outdoor cats used our yard and gardens as litter boxes. Ofcourse there was something about the smell of that poop cause Rusty always found it and well u know the rest.....

I paid many a pretty penny on vet bills and many nights and days with my dog nursing him back to health because of another persons ignorance and lack of care and concern.

Quite honestly if I were to add it up I'm sure the vet bills for those things alone combined to atleast total $1500 bux and countless sleepless nights and days off work.

So that's just another spin on it!!

Cats only have nine lives because they stole them from dogs!Teehee
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