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We adopted a kitten from the hamilton/burlington spca.They had him fixed before we could take him hom.He's 3 months.It was a day thing.I have always had cats all my life and all have been indoors.I never had to have any blood tests before they got fixed.But I must say indoor or not they should have their yearly shots no matter what.These shots are for rabies,feline lucemia and one other.What if the cat gets out and is bit by an animal?With our new kitten,he is getting his second shot this week.He got his first one 2 weeks ago.I must say I can't get over the prices here at the vet.I moved from Toronto and left my cat there with kmy dad.He has bonded with my cad and him being a senior,it's good for him.But these shots are costing me $85 when in Toronto they only cost $55.What a difference.We are seeing a vet in Hamilton.But please don't think that yearly shots are not important.Cause they are.Trust me.Please don't deny your cats them.
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