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Duh, I should have figured out Kaia's name... !

If a vet will only do things his/her own way (like insisting on annual vaccinations) I would find another vet. Kaia is YOUR cat, don't let anyone guilt you into doing unecessary annual vaccinations! They can refuse, if they want. You can go find another vet, if you want...

This vaccination thing is becoming a hot issue, with many vets resisting fewer vacs because frankly it is a regular source of income. Something like 27 major vet schools (CSU, Texas A&M) are suggesting different protocols now. There are a number of side effects to vaccinations, including a cancer in cats at the site. Not uncommon. Modern medicine is fabulous, but no need to give anything unecessary.

Anyhow, that wasn't really your main to your vet honestly; it's definitely worth having a vet you can rely on and it's a partnership relationship. If you like Dr Dusil, I'm sure you'll work it out! I adore my vet. ::waving hello to Dr Kowalski:: He's a bit leery of the diet I feed my dogs (unkibble ) but is willing to work with me on stuff. He gives his blessing on fewer vaccinations, and doesn't advocate any vacs for older pets. It's a two way street, and we learn from eachother.

BTW, my significant other is a physician. Trust me, I KNOW these doctors aren't infallible. Hehehe.

PS: Vaccination info. In the middle of the page find stated all 27 major vet schools are changing vaccination protocols.
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