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Hi Mom!
Take another deep breath...don't forget to exhale, haha....
When it's your pet & companion, it is NOT "just a cat." Of course she's important to you.

I know more about dogs than cats, and I have always done the blood panel (my vet charges $30 USD) before any surgery. - and although spaying is major surgery, it is very routine and most vets have done thousands of them. The chances of anything going wrong are extremely slight - but even slighter if you get the blood draw done first. I can't remember all they check for in regards to surgery...white blood cell count to check for underlying immune problems, blood clotting ability, stuff like that...?

I DO know that shots and surgery should never been done at the same time, if two weeks apart is the general consensus then that's probably correct. FWIW, I don't think it's necessary to give immunizations after the kitten/puppy shots either, especially for indoor cats. Most vaccines last 3-7 years as it is. Many large vet schools are now suggesting vaccinating every three years for dogs (who are at a much higher risk than indoor cats.) If she's had kitten shots, I question whether you even need to do them again.

Cost - I have found that price has NOTHING to do with how capable and caring a vet is; my personal experience. Can you talk to someone in cat rescue, a breeder, someone who has a lot of experience with local vets to get their recommendation?

Your cat (what's her name?) will NOT enjoy being at the vet, this is true. But she will get over it and won't love you any less! Besides, she'll be drugged up most of the time and will just be delighted to be back with her family...definitely try finding a vet who can do the surgery in the morning so you can bring her home at night. I hate leaving animals overnight at the vet too. Most (not all) vets will let you take an animal home if all seems well, the same day.

Don't forget to exhale.
And let us know how Ms Kitty's big day went!
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