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Take a deep breath!

I know, she's just a cat
No need to say that around here! We know our pets are loved members of our families. I just wish more people felt the way you do!

Can you not take her to the vet who neutered your males? As for pre-surgery blood tests - that's up you, but I have never had it done on young and healthy cats. I DO have it done for seniors. Maybe I've just been lucky...

Was your kitten a stray? Born outside? In that case, I would say she needs at least a checkup and maybe blood test for things like FeLV and FIV.

I also do not vaccinate indoor cats,and never have but again, that is your choice. Has this cat ever had an vet check? Tests for worms, etc? I'm sure you are being given the correct information as to the amount of time to wait between shots and surgery.

I know that Burlington is VERY pricey as far as spays might want to call around - maybe Hamilton might be less $$.

Don't worry about leaving her - drop off in the morning and by the time the anesthetic wears off in early evening she'll be home again!
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