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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
Yesterday, when he went out for a poo, I noticed that one of them looked very odd, so I took a closer look and it was 2 stools stuck together, side by side
Thanks for the PM Robyn. I am always happy to say hello! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there - whether your children be furry, human or both!

Back to the poo...

The good news is that what your are describing is not associated with any colonic diseases or anatomical abnormalities. There are a couple of possibilities. The first was mentioned on "how it fell out" but it sounds like the two pieces were "molded" together as if it occurred before they "fell out." If this is the case then there is another possibility.

Let's go back first and talk about the colon. (what a fun thing to talk about on mother's day! )

The main functions of the colon are to extract water and to hold feces until an appropriate time (and hopefully appropriate place) to eliminate. It is possible that a some stool moves down into the colon, water is extracted and it is stored in the colon. Then another piece of stool could be moved down and as the water is extracted, it is pressed down and molded to the other piece. This accounts for the strange patterns that people can see in stool if they look. I had one client that the letters she could read on her dog's stool.

Depending upon the overall health of the pet, the amount of fiber and type of nutrition, you can get a wide variety of stool that can be seen.

If the pet is otherwise acting fine and you are just seeing molded poops, then I would just monitor. When I hear of recurrent molded poops, then the one thing I would want to keep an eye out for is that there are no abnormalities on hydration or a pet that is urinating in excessive amounts. Again, these are the thoughts that go through a vet's head... scary place sometimes.

I hope this helps.
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