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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Not once in 36 years and 13 cattle dogs,and 9 shelties, Robyn. LOL . So, what is he doing, is this a new way to scare his owners? Are you sure it's not falling that way, folding back so they are side by side when it hits the ground? Typical doggy conversation by the way.
LOL figures... just my luck!! I guess I didn't really expect anyone to have seen this, because I never have either, but I figured it was worth a try! And nope, they're coming out "side by side". Both times one has been "indented" into the other
The one yesterday, I thought, was maybe just a fluke piece that had stuck in there from before because it was quite small. But the one tonight, they were both fairly average size and again, one indented into the other! SO weird! He seems to be ok. Patti and I were talking earlier and she mentioned that maybe it was from when he was eating all the weird stuff, maybe stretching his colon or something, and I had thought about something like that too... but he hasn't really eaten anything "weird" lately (except a paper towel about a month ago, which he pooped out! ). I hope it's nothing to worry about. I guess I will just have to wait and call Dr. Marsden on Monday.
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