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Linda, how's Sasha?

I'm just curious to find out, how's Sasha. You're thread was the first one I've read, because I was worried about my shih-tzu dog, I joined and I saw yours that said drastic weight lost. I have an appointment today at the vet at 3:45 for my shih-tzu Roo. Remember she was throwing up and losing weight, we switched her to wet food about a month ago. She seem like she was doing better, we were patient and hoping she would gain her weight back, but this weekend she's not doing well at all and she started throwing up again, not as much as before when it first started but still it worries me. So hopefully the other vet won't refuse to check her thyroid or find out what's wrong with her, because it's so sad to see her go down this fast. She's always had so much energy.
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