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Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
Yes I know she mentions some of the Fancy Feast varieties but she also says they have redone the ingredients last year and upped the amount of phosphorus in them so I'll look for the ones with the lowest phosphorus in them for Bailey and if necessary give it to Sam. He is chowing down on the Innova right now as well as about 1/8 of a can of prescription food a day. He seems to like it but it also seems to fill him up so he's eating the Innova too. I've started leaving the canned out for a few hours before I pick it up and they have been eating it.
Would be nice/easier to be able to get most/all of them on the same food

Perhaps with the canned out a little longer they will choose to eat that instead of the dry food You can always add a bit of water to soften the canned back up too.

Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
As for Smokey he pigs out on any food he finds around, human or cat or dog. That's why it is hard to get him to only eat one food and now he refuses to eat any canned even though I have a variety out for them. He has been barfing again the last couple of days but he also had some human food that was left out by mistake so hard to tell what it's from. I do need to take him for an Xray...that's the next step in his diagnosis. Have been putting it off because he seemed to be holding his weight steady, but now appears to be losing again.
Has the vet ever mentioned the possibility of Smokey having IBS or IBD or just a sensitivity to a certain food type? Perhaps you can talk to the vet about the advantages/disadvantages of xray vs ultrasound for diagnosis.

Have you noticed a pattern ie just when he eats beef or turkey or food with rice in it for example or is it anytime something is "different" from what he had the day before?

Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
I know you mentioned this before but did your H vet tell you how much protein to include in Duffy's diet? Are the higher protein foods acceptable or not with a CRF cat.
He didn't give a % of protein number, just that you can feed a regular protein value raw diet to a kidney cat. You wouldn't necessarily want to always feed something that is very high or very low in protein, somewhere in the middle is best. In moderation as they say.

Duffy's blood protein value was always mid normal & she was not leaking protein into her urine, so I never considered restricting the amount. If Sam's blood protein level was high or if he had proteinuria then it would be wise to look to the mid-lower end of the protein values. The problem with restricting protein is the cats rely on protein for energy as well as building/maintaining muscle mass, also when on the low end the taste is restricted or enhanced with higher fat content.

Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
did you start exclusively with meat or did you add other things to her raw diet?
When I started raw, it was from Natural Instincts a BC local produced commercial ground raw that had meat/bone/organs already in it. While recovering from a severe allergic/IBD reaction to duck (weekend stay @ the ER Vet) it was apparent she was also becoming intolerant to bone (even ground bone ~ mild IBD diagnosed via ultrasound) so I switched for a short time to just chicken breast meat on the advice of her H Vet. After that I fed her TC Feline Plus Premix with ground chicken.

A normal home prepped prey model or ground raw or commercial ground raw diet is fine. There is a site from the USDA that allows you to check the nutrient analysis for any food so you can decide if the phos/protein/fat/etc content is appropriate.

Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
Also I wanted to ask and think I will post a separate thread if you have ever heard of a cat having a reaction to Fortekor.
I'll have a look at that thread.
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