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Originally Posted by mona_b
Maybe alot of it has to do with not over exercising them as pups....
This is the key to lessening the chances of displaysia in giant breeds. Our breeder gave us copies of articles with test results showing that if you keep your newf from jumping on & off furniture (in & out of vehicles, etc.), avoid making them go up & down stairs everyday and keep their other exercise to short sessions (no more than 20 minutes at a time) until they are 18 months, their chances of developing non genetic hip & elbow displaysia are quite a bit lower than if you let them do whatever they want as pups. The only unrealistic part of the tests were that they kept the pups inactive by keeping them kenneled. Although I try to keep Hazel and Parker from overexerting themselves, I must admit that I can't lift Parker anymore - so he has to jump into the backseat of the truck or at least put his front paws on the seat and I'll lift up the butt. Hazel doesn't like vehicles, so hubby has to carry her to put her in. Once a pup gets so big, it's hard to carry them everywhere so you can make sure they aren't stressing the joints. The best exercise with the least joint impact was of course, swimming.
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