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Actually, Solid Gold's large breed puppy formula is called WolfCub. It's what I buy for Hazel and Parker. The problem is that with most puppy foods, they also have more calcium than you want for a large breed dog, as well as higher levels of protein. Giant breeds like newfs are even more sensitive to the normal puppy food. You can feed a large breed normal puppy food, just not for as long. My breeder has a clause in her contracts that states you will switch to adult food by 6 months of age. I convinced her to let me feed Parker and Hazel their puppy food for a while longer than that. I don't think she would allow it for everyone, but I sent her the link to the Wolfcub food and she agreed that it would be okay. I think she's more used to folks wanting to feed cheap foods and she promotes Pedigree since one of her family's newfs is used in their advertising. I would say that it depends on what kind of puppy food you are feeding, and what breed of puppy.

Here's a link for WolfCub food:
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