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New to this bulletin board

Well hello to all of your cat lovers. I am new to this bulletin board and I am very excited that you are out here. I am a animal lover and I have to very loveable but bratty cats. Aspen is almost 5 years old and Bijou is about 16 months.

My cats are both very different from each other. Aspen is my baby he is a snowshoe cat very loveable and loyal towards me; he gets upset when Bijou tries to cuddle while he is cuddling it is amusing though.

Bijou is a very very loveable cat. He loves everyone including children. He is dumb and funny. He is actually going to be nuetered tomorrow.

My biggest question is how do I make Aspen not be so growley towards Bijou. I can understand once in a while but I feel bad for Bijou and I just want Aspen to love him. Any suggestions
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