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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Could be a mild upper respiratory infection (URI), which appears during times of stress (a new home would be a stressful situation). The majority of cats carry one of more of the viruses that cause URI symptoms (herpes and calici virus being the most common). Maintaining a strong immune system by feeding the best diet you can (ie: NOT kibble) is one way to help. When symptoms do appear, you can add 500mg of L-lysine to the food once or twice a day. If nasal congestion increases, try some steam therapy several times a day: run a hot shower for 10 mins while you and your cat hang out in the bathroom. Antibiotics are usually useless in treating URIs unless there is a secondary infection, sometimes indicated by green goopy discharge from the nose or eyes.
That was why I asked how the car eyes where , if this does not help don't you think a trip to a vet would be the next step?
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