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Where did you get her from and how did they keep her. Basically what I am asking is if they kept her in a crate that had a screen bottom that she could go to the washroom and it is supposed to fall through. I don't like this done at all because it makes it very difficult to crate train because they think from the start that it is ok to go inside the crate.

Did you clean out the whole crate and everything in it with the enzyme cleaner?
Set your alarm for 3 different times through the night and take her out. If she continues to go every night in the crate it will become very difficult to stop. It is one of the hardest things to control and stop once it becomes a habit.
She is a baby and babies have accidents but you will want to do whatever you can to control the number of them. Make going outdoors much more exciting than going inside. Get very excited and treat when she does right.

Most dogs do not want to go in the place where they sleep. The ususal reasons why they would is when the crate is too large and she can sleep in one area without touching where she had her accident and when she is left in the crate longer than what she can physically hold.

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