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Well i guess it really is my fault huh!! What i am asking pretty much is, will this pass in time?? Ive seen alot of people say that puppies wont go in their boxes, but i challenge that question. She does every night. The last time she goes out for the night is around 1:00 a.m. The past few nights she hasnt whinned wanting out, but she usually does when shes gotta go. Thats why i didnt understand. She always lets us know at night when shes gotta pee, but the past couple nights she hasnt, she just pees in her box. So this will pass in time??? Is what im trying to say... I give her lots of applaus, she is doing sooooo awesome with house training. Still no accidents in the house (knock on wood) but were having the crate issue is all. Shes doing awesome with her command training, she just has issues on snapping the treat outta my hand and biting me at the same time. But other then that. Shes doing awesome. Im sooo proud of myself for sticking to it this time. Were gonna have an awesome relationship. We all lover her very very much. She livens up the home. She just recently started barking yesterday. First time we've heard her bark. Its sooo exciting and adventurous. I cant wait till she gets a bit older.
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