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Originally Posted by jeannie00
Its not our faults either, cause were sleeping and she dont let us know she wants out sometimes. what can i do.
so if it's not your fault, who's is it? it's certainly not the puppy's fault! she's a baby, locked in a crate - she has no choice. Where is the crate? I recommend you put her crate (or a 2nd crate) in your bedroom, next to your bed. Then, you may hear her moving or whining and will be able to get her outside in time. If you are a heavy sleeper, then set an alarm like suggested.

Also, limit her water before bed - I'm not saying don't allow her a drink, but don't let her drink ALOT. stay up as late as you can and take her out right before bed.

she's a baby, she will have accidents.
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