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Originally Posted by kittiesandbirds View Post
Here's the thing imagine me bringing up this topic and trying to warn people about huskies. People rip my head off and say you got the only bad one.
Oh hell no! Your dog sounds to me very much like a number of huskies and malamutes or mixes of I have met.

I don't know how things were 25 years ago but I do know this, there is a clear split between working and show lines in many working breeds. Generally, huskies that sled and do really well at it, don't look like the show bred huskies many people envision when they think of the breed. So for you to say that this breeder had world class show line huskies which she cross bred with wolves to get better working performance sounds like such a complete bag of rubbish only an unscrupulous backyard breeder would think of to scam potential uneducated puppy buyers with. Also as it was pointed out, if the dogs have been cross bred with wolves and then bred back to huskies, they were not pure bred huskies, they were husky mixes. These dogs would not qualify for pedigrees... and if it did happen, it would have been fraud as the dog was mixed.

Honestly every thing about your story to do with that breeder stinks. Why did she have wolves? Are you sure they were actual wolves? Even if they were, so what? Just because the animals are on the property doesn't mean they were bred. There are unfortunately people out there who want dogs that are part wolf and simply telling a potential buyer that a pup is part wolf just because they look fuzzy to an untrained eye will guarantee a sale and generally that's the only one thing bad breeders generally care about. Selling puppies to any one at any cost.

And if all those dogs died of rabies of all things, this would have been a national story! Rabies is an extremely high profile disease. A single case of a dog dying from it would have been a big deal, an entire litter of dogs from the same breeder dying of rabies??? Again, jaw dropping unlikely.

NO ONE is ridiculing you. We are simply saying your story as it has been told to you does not add up. The dog you are describing looked and acted very much like a husky. Yes, huskies can be nasty dogs, they can roam, they can have major issues with confinement or even living inside a house and can be extreme escape artists, they are known to kill small animals, they are known to howl... Before some upset husky owner reads this, here's the disclaimer, yes there are some that make nice pets, but in general for a lot of people, they can be very difficult to live with. A lot of people have difficulty handling and living with just an average dog that acts like a normal dog, let alone a working breed that has managed to hang on to some of their working drives and instincts. Just take a look at pet finder and see how many of them have been given up to shelters and rescues in comparison to other breeds. Even if your dog was a little bigger then the standard, this happens all the time will all breeds, same with other body variations such as slightly larger teeth. That's simply how breeding works, it does not automatically mean there must be wolf in there some where.