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As this is an open forum - currently with 204 unregistered guests viewing and over 100 people viewing on this thread alone - it is important that EVERYONE who reads this has as much information available to learn. It isn't all about you.

I don't know about husky breeders 25 years ago (but I do know a bit about breeders of other breeds 30 years ago) and you do NOT breed Championship dogs by mixing them with wolves or any other form of canine or canidae. A husky is a mutt if it is does not come from generations of huskies, not generations of huskies mixed with wolves.

Now, as for people on forums not having issues with their huskies having a high prey drive - it would be important to look at breeding. A dog that is bred to standard, with the drive and ability to do the job that it was meant to do, should have a high prey drive. Dogs bred to be pets or simply to do well in the show ring may not.