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Good Day Everyone:

Good Day Everyone:

I just thought today would be the day to join the forum side of the web site. I happened to be doing some research a couple of years ago, and I stumbled upon and I bookmarked it. I've found over time that I keep returning to the site to browse both for information and read the threads, and have been impressed by the way the website has been run, and caring that the members show towards other members and their threads.

Typing is not my forte so threads could be far and few between, but from time to time I feel as if I would like to take part in some of the discussions. I do find from time to time that research doesn't give me the answers I'm looking for, and possibly if I posted a question to the form maybe somebody might have an answer or an idea.

We have five cats, two males and three females - 2 Abyssinians, Shadow is a male ruddy, Missy is a female silver blue, BB is a female Manx, Yogi is a good old domestic shorthair male, and Mrg is a female Bobcat.
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