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Need Some Advice On Fish!

Hi folks. We have an aquarium - we think it's about 35-40gal (it's a hand-me-down). For quite some time, the only occupant has been a sailfin pleco. We recently added a handful of swordtails and guppies to liven things up a bit. I now have 2 questions for all the fish enthusiasts out there...

1) How often, how much and when should I be feeding these mini vultures? I've been feeding them once in the morning and once in the evening, and they completely clean out whatever I put in there in a matter of seconds. Yet, every time someone walks by the tank, they congregate at the top of the tank like they're being starved.

2) The pleco seems to be developing some sort of illness. He has patches on his sides that look "cloudier" than the rest of his colouring. I'm tempted to say it's a fungal infection, but I really know nothing about these kinds of things. I've tried looking up different "fish doctor" sites, but very few have pictures of the illnesses, and the few that do have pics don't have anything that looks like what my fish has (or maybe it's just in a primary stage and so isn't shown on those sites - I dunno ). Does anyone know what this might be? I saw something called "AP General Cure" that claims to "...treat a wide variety of parasitic diseasess...". Has anyone tried this, and is it worth the attempt?

Thanks a bunch, folks!
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