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Originally Posted by driver8 View Post
My point is not me.

My point is so many others out there that are using it. The shelter I volunteer at. People on here are saying wah, there are other choices. What others? You're going to jump on a bandwagon of disdain of a particular food, but no one here seems to be able to have understanding of why it is even a choice for so many. It's a huge divide I see between this forum and the "real world".

back to being out and out rude again....
I guess there was no point in this thread because there are no alternatives and so the thread might as well be closed. YOu either get good or you get cheap. When I buy clothes, I don't always think I have to spend big bucks to get quality, I shop wisely. Ditto for my own food, if I shop at various stores and get bulk, etc. I thought people on here might have some info about quality pet food that is the same. I guess not.
K i seriously have to say this now,,you have been given an astounding amount of great info on excellent food choices for you pets you just don't want to hear it...You will NOT find a GOOD pet food at your local grocerie store plain and simple..they are all mass produced by Mars, Purina,,etc,,full of grains and corn...NOW,,,how dare you make any nasty comments about the members of this forum, you know nothing about these people..One woman has over 30 cats that she feeds daily because joe blow finds it fit to just toss them out the car window as they drive by,,,Several members here are in rescue or Foster unwanted animals, We recently just did a relay from Montreal to Grimsby of a momma cat and her kittens. The members here spend every waking hour educating themselves about animal health to help others out..How bout you listen to what some of them have to say and stop with the insults.
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