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driver8 are you asking is there a pet food that you can buy for really cheap,,yes there is,,are you asking is there a GOOD pet food you can buy at the grocerie store,,pre made,,etc etc..plain and simple NO. Best way to decide on an appropriate food for you pet is read the label..If it is full of corn,barley,wheat,rice,,blah blah then you decide..We are discussing a cat which is a carnivore plain and simple (it doesn't eat vegetables and grains). Now you can read all of the labels off all of the store brands and decide which is the least pile of crap and choose that one.

Ok lets try this way,,your pet is part of your family right,,how much does it cost to feed a family member per day,lets say $3.00 for a chicken breast,,,30 cents for a potatoe and another few cents for some vegetables.. or minimum $5 at McDonalds... so roughly $5 for one meal, not including breakfast and lunch. or $1-$1.50 for you kitty for the day. Now if you fed your family McDonalds every day for the rest of their life you're going to end up with alot of doctors appts,,,same with feeding kitty junk food..Like i said in the other thread,,i don't feed store bought I feed raw as do LP and Love4 for the plain reason it is better for my furry children,,,i don't want my kids growing up on McDonalds. If you can't afford a few cents more for a better food then you sure aren't going to like the expense of the vet bill later.
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