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Pre packaged raw foods

In my never ending quest to get my gang off of Fancy Feast, I went to the pet specialty shop near my office. It's called the Dog Bar and they sell only the high quality foods for dogs and cats, in dry and canned. I noticed they had some freezers in the back and realized they now carry pre-packaged raw food. The girl gave me a few medallions as a sample. I'm going to give them some later this evening, but in little pieces, like a treat and see how receptive they are to it. Not long ago I'd gotten them some freeze dried meat treats you soak in water to soften up, and they really liked them.

Having the pre-packaged raw would make me less hesitant about feeding them raw. It's already mixed with the meats, and bones and things they need so there would be no guessing on my part and wondering if I'm doing it right.

I think this might be the way to go. It's the only place in town I know of that sells the pre-packaged raw food just for cats. I know there are places I can get it online, but I don't feel comfortable ordering something like that online and having it shipped to me. This I can just buy on my way home and put it in the refrigerator.

They carry two brands. One is Natures Variety and the other I can't seem to remember. The Natures variety the sales girl said can be given to both cats and dogs, but the other kind was made especially for cats, and that's the kind she gives her kittens. Those were the samples she gave me.

Kiska is having stomach issues so I'm hoping this doesn't make it worse for her. She and Maks seem to be the ones who have always had stomach issues of some sort.

Do any of you use these pre-packaged foods?
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