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Sorry to hear about the problems with Bomber. We had problems with our lab Laci and the tests taken at her vet never found anything. They also suggested for her to see a neurologist and considering we were at a lost we made the appt. After testing her, they did find a problem and we are now on a mission to help her however we can. Her problems will include seizures and I found this website to help us when that time comes. BTW.. the neurologist's office has a payment plan called "CreditCare" and this allowed us to make payments of $250.00 monthly for a year, interest free. Upon hearing 1 of your problems, I remembered reading about it on this website. I am not saying that this is what is wrong, but it has to do with FlyBiting. Scroll down to the "Complex focal seizures " and click on the "Flybiting" link. Hope this helps and you find out what is wrong.


Complex focal seizures

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