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Question Advice on getting a good trainer

I took Moses to a potential obedience class. The female muzzeled him with her hands the muzzle on him to big. She repeatedly did this then he bit her never has he done this to anyome before. Now after that she took him by his hind legs, picked him up like he is hanging forced him to the ground then pressed down his front legs and then she put her knee on top of his body while he lay there on the floor yelping. She recommended that I do this all the time when ever he mis behaves. I promptly contacted pet store owner as Moses felt threatened and reacted by her actions. I am no angel either I have made mistakes too. She mentioned that he could not participate in their classes because he is to aggressive he may harm or be harmed by others. Here it is I am totally upset that a person would take a puppy and by the legs suggesting she is proving that she is alpha not him. Now I am in contact with other obedience but I am running out of time he is 5 months old and still not socialized with people nor other dogs. He is good with Harley and is an angel. I am afraid that his time may be up for training. I hate beliving in negative thought process. I believe that there is still help for him I have encountered the wrong people for him. All seem to have a different thought pattern and all claim to be versed in Belgian Malinois.
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