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Hmm. I'm not really convinced that the behaviorist you found went about rehabiliating Jasper the way he needed. Were you able to do much research into this trainers background before you went to his lessons? The reason I say this is because when a trainer is faced with a potentially aggressive dog, the best thing to use is another healthy-minded well socialized obedient dog to help rehabiliate the animal in question. This cannot be achieved initially through dogs at the dog park because these dogs have a different state of mind than that of a dog who is 'working' - ie: on leash, listening & focusing on his owner. A dog with inter-dog aggression will be triggered easily by a dog who is running around, playing, showing excitement which is what naturally happens at dog parks. This is why it surprises me that your trainer went straight to that point with Jasper when clearly he wasn't ready for it, and kept doing this for a few weeks, regardless of whether or not there was a fence between everyone. Did he explain why he wanted to do this at all?

As for Jaspers behavior, it seems like he's showing classic signs of insecurity based aggression, because he has a need to control people or dogs that are displaying too much energy for what Jasper approves of. Usually this aggression is a form of frustration, caused because they feel insecure about the loud/excitement happening around it and don't know how to properly translate it for themselves, thus causing them to react and try to 'stop' it.

It's difficult to tell you what steps to take without properly assessing Jasper, but if you can seek out another behaviorist to help you that would be your best bet, so keep us posted how things go with that retired trainer. Other than that, what are you doing IN the home to help Jasper work through his behavior? You mentioned that people don't come to your house anymore; is this because he barks, lunges, snaps at guests? What has been your reaction to these things happening?
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