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Jasper was 6 months when we got him and will be 4 in September.

The behavorist we had they would takes us to the dog park and just walk outside the fence when there were other dogs there. When the big dogs came over to the fence he was happy and whining but if a small dog would come over he would start panting and growl then the behavorist would walk away with him for a few minutes then go back and try again but if he showed any aggression before he got near the fence he would walk him away from there. After a few weeks of that he did become friends with a young beagle at the park and never had any problems. The behavorist noticed it's the little dogs that want to bark all the time, not necessarily at Jasper but just playing that seem to irritate him. We also went to the behavorist house because he has 8 chi's and he would use them to work with Jasper, using one dog at a time because his dogs are very quiet. Things seemed ok for awhile but now Jasper seems to pick and choose which dogs he likes. Out of 8 chi's he is fine with 3. On a walk we usually meet up with 5-7 small dogs and most of them bark at other dogs. When he was with the previous owner and the neighbors dog barked at him all the time would that cause him to be this way ? (not liking barking dogs)
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