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Here is the email I got from Jasper's previous owner.

We were Jasper's second owner. He was 11 weeks old when we got him, the first owner only had him about 9 days but sent him back to the farm because children and toys did not mix with him.
Jasper has always humped but before he was fixed he would urinate while humping my 2 yr. old girl so the vet said neuturing would stop the urinating but not the humping because the humping is a dominance issue. He used to play with the neighbors dog (a Charles Cavalier) in our backyard but one day he got mad because the other dog had a toy he wanted and attacked him and we ended up paying a $326 vet bill. About 2 weeks after that he dug under the fence and went after the neighbors dog again and tore her ear so there went another $219.00. Please do not leave hin unattended with a small animal. Jasper can not be left alone for more than 30-45 minutes. I took him the the store with me and when I came out he had dug a hole in the seat of my new mini van and my husband said I could not take him anymore. It cost us $986.40 for a new seat. When I left him home he tore my couch cushion to threads, so I started confining him to the kitchen but I came home after being out for about an hour and he had gotten over the gate and killed our 3 month old kitten. The kitten had died of a broken neck and the stomach was tore open. He has always had a problem with being greedy. He would always take toys, and food away from my daughter resulting in her being bit. On Dec. 3/05 my daughter went to pick up her drinking cup off the floor Jasper ran and grabbed her face resulting in 8 stitches across her cheek. One day he is fine with her and the next he is mean with her. He could no longer be trusted around my daughter. We tried obedience but he had issues with other dogs there and the trainer wouldn't allow him back. He offered to do private classes but it would have costs us close to $1000.00 by time we were finished and decided not to. With everything he has done I had enough and we sent him to the humane society. I have never felt more relief in my life since letting him go. It may sound cruel but I can only handle so much. I hope your doing better with him than we did.

Jasper is staying with us. I have no plans of re-homing him or sending him back to the humane society because I am worried that they would put him down because of his history. I don't want that to happen. I pay close attention to him and if need be will be muzzled to protect kids, dogs and himself from being injured. We have kids next door to us and if they are outside we take him out on a leash so he can't get close to the fence because he ends up hurting himself trying to bite through our privacy fence.
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