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Help with Jasper

I am pasting some of my posts here.

I am having a problem with Jasper to the point that family whether adult or child don't come visit us anymore. I don't take Jasper for a walk I let my husband do it because I cannot handle him. He jumps out at people walking by and he's just too strong for me. We have been through training and a behavoirist but it has not helped. I hardly ever go see family because I cannot take Jasper and cannot leave him home because he tears things apart and when he's in his kennel all he does is yelp and bark and somethimes bangs his face on his kennel door and injures himself.

He gets plenty of exercise. Since he has a problem with small dogs we don't go to the park but we go to my sisters farm and let him run and play with her shepherds every morning for about 3 hrs. then he gets playtime in our backyard in the afternoon plus my husband takes him for a 1 1/2 walk at 10:00 pm because there are no kids out. We have the same problem in obedience class because there is a mix of small and big dogs so we did private classes but still dislikes kids and small dogs. We are still in private classes with our 3rd trainer.The humane society told us he had a little problem with kids until he gets to know them. I wasn't to concerned because I don't have kids. When I happened to "meet" someone from another forum that knows Jasper we were able to connect with the previous owner and ask questions. I will try and find the email I got from her and post it.
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