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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
Penny used to have a persistent fungal yeast infection. The only med that finally cleared it up was Surolan drops (we did 2 rounds of treatment). What I discovered, to my surprise, was that cleaning her ears with a solution actually made the problem much worse (could be because of the perfume/chemicals in the solution ?). Cleaning with vinegar and water didn't help either. I'm not sure if change of diet played a major role ie. switched to raw but, her infection has never returned. We check her ears almost daily and it's been about 2 years since I've even had to wash them...they're squeaky clean all the time.

What meds have been prescribed to Kato? It's crucial that the vet knows exactly what kind of bacteria/fungus he's dealing with in order to to treat him with the appropriate meds. this new vet will get to the bottom of this and that Kato gets some relief asap
At the moment Kato is on Surolan drops as well, and an ear wash provided by the vet, it has done nothing to improve the situation.:sad:
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