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Dry Eye Need Help

Ok so I have a 15 year old shih tzu he has dry eyes and I have to put drops in every morning. Any suggestions on how to do it with a dog that hates to be picked up and hates to have drops put in. I have anxiety attacks every morning before I wake up knowing whats ahead of me. I have to chase after him until I can catch him and pick him up and the whole time he is wiggling trying to get away. Stick him in the sink and he is trying to jump out. I struggle for 10 minutes and finally get the drops into his eyes. THe whole time Im shaking and so is he. I have a real bad shoulder now because of it and its always in pain now. Im so overwhelmed. I know it sounds ridiculous but I have lost 15 pounds since the summer dealing with this. Any suggestions on a easier way to get the drops in. Thanks
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