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We're pretty sure it's a tumour. Tommy often isn't even sure where he is anymore. Our vet came here so she could see him at home and she's pretty sure, as are we.

Our boy has been through enough in his short life. I can see it in his eyes ever since the last seizure. He's my baby, I know he's fought the good fight and he needs to rest.

We're going to try a few things to make him comfortable for now and we're going to set a date. We'll take the next few weeks to say goodbye.

I've had many, many pets in my life, furry and scaled and hairy and feathered. He's my heart dog. My baby. My firstborn. He was supposed to grow up with my skinbaby. I used to sing my baby made up songs when she was in my tummy all about her furry big brother Tommy and what they would do together. Now I watch tears pour down my poor husband's face as he pets our boy.

We're not sure which day yet, but it will be soon. I appreciate all of your thoughts, and all the help and advice and love you guys have shown us over the last few years through the entire saga that has been Tommy's life. I can't believe I'm going to be petless, Tommy-less. Thank you for everything though. And if you have a moment over the next few weeks, spare one last kind thought for Tommy.
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