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I've ordered more pictures but I won't get them until this week. But I had a couple left from my last order that I thought I'd work with.

I made this page yesterday. I really love the patter of this fabric. It's actually a sleeping shirt I had but never wore because it constantly clings! So I thought the fabric might make a nice backdrop.

I thought it came out really nice, but the fabric kept wrinkling and just didn't look right when I put the page in the sleeve. I'll have to cut the fabric out better and use the swatches. I'm thinking I can just use the swatches and either tape or blue them on the page. I can get fabric glue and experiment.

Anyway, I took the pictures off this morning and took the page out. I decided to redo the page and this is what I came up with.

This is Kiska and Vlad. I really love this photo. It's one of my favorites.

This is Maks and Oksana. I don't know how she even allowed him to be so close to her, but it's a sweet little picture.

The background are two goodie bags I had. I'd bought them thinking they were tissue paper then opened the package and realized they were bags. I liked the pattern and so decided to keep them to use for something. I think I like this page better. It looks happier.
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