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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
It'll have to be NBC, ABC or CBS, then cuz those are the only three channels hazel can get!

No problem, they gotta be the ones with the big bucks, they can, after all, afford to "give" their broadcasts away (not like all those greedy cable stations )

Alas, by the time the media catches on, hazel will be about 100 and no longer able to drive a bus
I'm sure they will provide a chauffeur as well, can't have the caregiver to the stars driving the bus... you'll need to be available to tend to the packs "needs", cookies, pedicures, tummy rubs, slobber wrangling...

OMG with the winter games, summer games, Christmas special, Easter special, Thanksgiving special, Halloween special, special for special guests, Trip to the vet specials.... you might as well have a weekly show, or maybe a daily show
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