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I really like Urban Carnivore because it is just meat that is ground up with all the goodies! I still make Veggies for Schultz - with a food processor it is super easy to grind up. Before I switched to raw I was cooking meat for him and yep, it was a lot of work. I love feeding raw! So easy to unthaw in the fridge the night before and ta-dah, dinner is served.

I bought some raw stuff from the vets (venison, goat and bison) but I don't really like it, since it isn't bone ground in, just organ meats. Schultz threw up bile the other morning after eating the venison the night before... do you think it could be because it might be too rich?

I was also told by my distributor that you have to be careful about the amount of bone that is ground in the pre-made patties. Too much bone isn't good. For the life of me, I cannot remember what she told me to aviod. I can email her and ask if you are interested (plus it would be good to have a list now that I have moved).
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