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First of all, congrats on adopting a second hand pit bull! I have one too, and she is the BEST dog!

Secondly, got a picture of her? What's her name? How nice that her owners are dumping her to make room for a new puppy.

I have no idea what happened to your dog, but it sounds like some kind of poisoning.

The fact that she went completely limp is very alarming to me! Garages are often filled with things that are toxic or can make dogs very sick. Are you absolutely positive there is nothing like antifreeze containers she could chew on? Antifreeze ingestion is lethal if not treated right away.

Is the degreaser you are talking about called "Mean Green"? If so, it's toxic if ingested.

Is she not housetrained? If she's left in the garage at night, and has accidents, housetraining will be harder. I would keep her in the house at night, maybe gated in a bathroom or laundry room, or on her own bed next to yours.

There are often just too many dangers in garages - ones that we may not even think of until it's too late.
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