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cell, Nookie can't have Orijen or Acana. Dr. Marsden helped to formulate them, so I know it's good food, but he can't that high of protein. They have lower protein like the Acana Lamb and Apple, but it has oats, which we're pretty sure he is allergic to now. He has so many allergies/intolerances which include Chicken, eggs and carrots along with the oats and also barley. So it was a long search for something we could give him that didn't include any of the above, and wasn't produced by Diamond foods or any mass manufacturer.

Serena, there was only 1 store in the entire Edmonton area that carried it, but it's very easy to order. I have 3 places I deal with, and all 3 of them now carry it for me. Maybe check with some of the local shops.
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