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Cheapest cure for ringworm, LoveAngel, is Tincture of Iodine, if you can buy it at your Chemist(Pharmacy) there. Just paint it on the ringworms. Otherwise you'll have to wait for someone with a better memory than mine to tell you the name of the med's she needs. I know I spent $500 on it, but that was for a pack of dogs, not one. Aah yes, found where I'd put it in a dog's book, they had to be washed with Betadine scrub twice weekly and had a Grisovin tablet daily. They also had Micotopic ointment on the lesions, blankets were washed in bleach etc. . You will have to quarantine her, it is so infectious that my cat, Pheobe, had to only pat my dog on its face to pass it on to him. I videoed this dog and his sister's first meeting with the cat and everywhere it put its feet, those dogs got ringworm. Its feet flouresced when the vet put the Woods Lamp on them. LOL. I'm not horrified by it, each time I've bought new kittens in I've had all the dogs get ringworms. I vow that next time the kitten gets checked by the vet first and even then I might still quarantine it. One female cattle dog got the most horrifying huge ringworm on her muzzle, although I suspect it was just a lot of small ones joined together. Good luck with Chica.
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