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I actually currently do feed her good food, but i am starting to think that it is too high in protein so i am switching her from Origin Large Puppy to Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison. I've heard this works wonders...dont worry iv started the slow transition of switching foods by mixing and gradually adding more of natural balance.

AS FOR HER SKIN, i am almost 100 percent sure it is ringworm now because i have similar rashes on my skin and I went to my doctor and she told me it was ringworm and was likely i got it from a dog..if i had one. So what my plan is now is to bleach clean the house to kill as much of the spore as possible and then get her on the right medication..if she does need any. I am short for cash and would rather not pay the initial visit cost of the vet.

Does anybody know exactly what medication the vet would prescribe for ringworms?

And no she is in no pain.
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