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Congrats to you on your new addition! I have a pyr (2.5..Luna), a berner (4.. Monty) and two cats (both 8.. Chip and Dale)....
Order of arrival in my house: Berner, Cats, Pyr.... and yes Pyrs are awesome.

I was pretty lucky... as everyone seemed to be cool with everyone else right away with only intermittent squabble solving and the occasional "LUNA...GENTLE"

My pyr won't put on weight. She always gets a little left overs (following LP's great advice) and the vet suggested we keep her on the puppy food.

If your pyr can "come"...hats off to you! Luna chooses when to listen to that particular command. Which normally falls between "never" and "maybe....not". No food aggression, loves all people but has dog/leash aggression which we work with a trainer on. Big improvements in the last year, but we still have a looong way to go.

I must say.....I do love my little white fluffy girl to bits.
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