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I would make your first trip to the vet. Often sudden problems are related to a health problem. It could just be gas problems, her teeth coming through, or another common issue for a fast growing puppy.

Since it seems like your doing everything else right, I would try and wait it out. My dogs used to squeal in their crates but once they figured out that it wasn't going to get them anywhere they quit. Unless it's a health problem I wouldn't give in. Otherwise you'll teach her that she can control you, a big problem with those adorable toy dogs(I have two toy spaniels)Trust me, it's much easier to train them now then when they enter their "teenage" years in a few months. Also, did you try the warm bottle and clock thing. Dogs thrive on close contact, especially puppies, and in the wild they would usually sleep with their moms. She may just feel isolated and scared all alone.

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