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Well, FG, you might be sorry you asked

A good friend of mine did the ipod thing for her wedding too.. We would do that, but we're having karaoke, and while we tried to work out the logistics of doing it ourselves, we found everyone could have more fun if we didn't have to worry about it - so I found a guy who'll do it cheap

My dress was only $350 I got it on sale in the states, and I LOVE it! It's a one piece, though, and the bathrooms at my venue are SMALL - so I think I'm going to need some help .. plus once I start drinking, my bladder shrinks to the size of a peanut!

Let's see, what else.. I'm currently pricing out bottles of personalized hot sauce for the favors.. it'll be called something like 'hitchin' hot sauce' .. 'thanks for spicing up our day' .. etc.. we LOVE hot sauce, so it seems fitting.. Too bad I didn't account for the exchange rate to go back up..

We're doing the ceremony outside - at the same place as the reception.. so no limo required..

It's still going to cost some money, but I'm doing a bunch of stuff myself, so we're saving where we can..

dracko I saw all of those.. they made me laugh, I just wish they looked like they were put together a little better..

luckypenny working with clay is not as easy as you think! I tried to cinch in and pile up as much as I could..

Thanks for the compliments, guys, I'm so weirdly proud of myself.. and krdahmer, that site makes me laugh constantly.. I LOVE it
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