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Aw they're cute.... and that site is hilarious!!! Did ya make it down to the Raiders of the Lost Arc cake.... that one is so cool!

We had a family friend make our cake, and it should be on that website too... not at all what I wanted, it looked pretty good, but the whole thing was iced styrofoam... I wanted the top and bottom real so we could take the top home and save it for a year and unfreeze it for the anniversary, and the bottom so we actually had something to cut.... instead we faked it and she made 3 sheet cakes for eating instead. And you know although I was slightly annoyed because I loooooove cake and sweets and that was kinda important to me, on that day I couldn't have cared less, I was having so much fun.
I found that I spent so much time before fussing, that by the time the day came I was so ready to just relax and let go... which is good, do the worrying before and then leave it at the door of the church/hall. Oh and the only thing I recommend to any bride is a two piece dress.... so much easier for potty breaks!
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