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I cannot believe he was in a foster home initially and kept this way. For him, I am certain that this is confusing as things have changed so rapidly in such a short time. From being with someone, then transfered to a rescue, then to the vets, then to a foster and then another foster. Poor baby has had a tremendous amount of bouncing which is not helping the situation. Thank dawg he is with you who will stabilize him and his behaviour.

I have had now 69 fosters. I know what you are going through as so many others here that also foster. When I get dogs that are like the one you describe I tether the dog to me. Wherever I go, he/she goes. If the dog is about to go, I say 'outside' and go quickly with the dog. Once done I praise, praise, praise. When we get inside I ask the dog to sit - go to the cookie jar and praise with the treat.

You have a tough job but you will succeed. Don't give up - this poor little guy has no idea due to confusion.
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