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Question The untrainable dog?? Help please

I'm not sure what else to try with my foster puppy. I'm trying to house train him but he is very dirty and doesn't care where he messes. He is 4 months old. We kennel him when we are not in the house and he will pee in the kennel and soak in it. He will poo in there as well..almost in his food dish ! He is praised when he goes outside and yelled at when he goes in the house, we almost always catch him in the act. Neither seems to make a difference. It has been a week with consistent training and no improvement. He does not present any cues that he has to go outside, he will just let himself go right in front of us. Not much seems to be helping. We have to clean him so much because he just soaks in his own excrement and it obviously stinks up whatever room this dog is in. I have fostered several dogs and have never encountered such a difficult dog. Any suggestions?
He has been to the vet recently and there are no known issues that would be causing this.
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