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I agree that rabbit is a great protein source for cats. It's not always easy to find though. Depending on where you live, farmer's markets can be good places to find different kinds of meats. Ostrich, buffalo or quail are some others to look for. If you're in the eastern US, Hare Today will deliver frozen raw rabbit to you, but shipping costs make it pricey.

What food (dry or wet?) was your cat eating when she started having digestive issues? Sometimes it isn't necessarily a specific protein that's causing the problem but the way in which it's processed or the combination of other ingredients. Highly rendered chicken in a kibble format is more likely to instigate a reaction than raw chicken, which is closer to what a natural feline diet would be. What you could do is try something like rabbit for a while (6 weeks at least) and if things are going good, introduce small amounts of raw chicken and see how she does. Discontinue it at the first sign of trouble.

One other thing about raw rabbit: not sure if you have a recipe in mind but you may have to think about supplementing with extra taurine as rabbit tends to have lower amounts than other meats.
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